C o m p a ny name         Dongguan City Fu real Industrial Co., Ltd.
S t a  r t-u p   time          April,14, 2001
C h  a   i  r   m a n           Chengwen,Jiang
Registered capital          RMB1, 500 thousand
F a c t o r y S i z  e          6,000mp²(4 floors)

November of    2000
Input screen printing machine and trademark printing machine, make the preparation for the start of the company
April           of    2001
Set up Shenzhen Chunyu Printing Co. Ltd.
August      of     2002
Achieve ISO9001:2000 international quality certification
October    of     2003
Input offset press (Heidelberg 2 color 4 open)
March        of    2004
Set up Tong Yu Trading Co., Ltd. (Hongkong Office)
May           of    2005
Achieve ISO14001:2004 international environmental certification
September of   2006
bulid dust-free workshop(100 thousand levels: 120m²)
July           of     2008
UL plant identification (PGAA:LP3323)
UL product identification (PGDQ2:MH29937)
October    of     2009
Add the dust-free workshop (10 thousand levels: 650m²)
February  of     2011
Set up Trust Laboratory
May           of    2013
Input offset press (Heidelberg 4 color 4 open)
June      of        2015

Relocated to the town of Changping, Dongguan City, changed the company name to Dongguan City Fu real Industrial Co., Ltd.
Increase the input of device:
Offset press (Heidelberg 4 color to open)   1 set
PP coated surface treatment machine       1 set
UV / light oil surface treatment machine    1 set
CTP publishing machine                         1 set
uv Intermittent label turn                       1 set
Stamping die cutting machine                 1 set
Automatic Screen Printer                       1 set

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Screen Printing
Our company has automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machine,prodyct in the dust-free workshop of 1200m², 10 thousand level.If you are in need of sign, operation panel (film switch) and other products, please contact us.
Label printing
Our company has round of machine,trademark machine and stamping die cutting machine, please contact us if you are in need of top printing sticker, Bar code stickers, serial number stickers, blank stickers and other products.
Offset Printing
T The company has 3 Heidelberg brand offset press,2 color machine, 4 color machine, 5 color machine.please contact us if you are in need of packing box, gift box, color cards, company profiles, leaflets, brochures and other products.
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Dongguan real industrial co, Ltd
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